CG Games 2015: Mike L, Karen P, Jess E, Kyler A

“Thirteen roadways lead through life
To thirteen doors of death,
Homeward from foolish fears and strife,
We float on failing breath.”
– Tao

Week 9: 15.10.02

A1. 4×8/8: Single-Arm Dumbbell Bent Row – AHAP – E90S
A2. 4×8: Dual Dumbbell Bench Press – AHAP – E90S

B. Tempo Back Squat: 4×4 @ 13×5 – Go By Feel

C. 3 Rounds, Each AS HARD AS POSSIBLE:
10 Unbroken Deadlifts @ ~65%
Unbroken Prowler Push AFAP @ 135/95#

Rest 5 Minutes 

D1. 3 x 20: Wall-Facing Shoulder Taps
D2. 3 x 100′: Reverse Sled Drag w/ Terminal Knee Extension


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