Thomas Fredell

“Every man is a creature of the age in which he lives and few are able to raise themselves above the ideas of the time.” ― Voltaire

Week 14: 15.11.03

A1. 4×3: Snatch Pull – E60S
A2. 4×3: OHS + Sots Press – E60S

B1. Wide-Stance Box Squat: 10×2 @ 70 – E45S
B2. Banded Deadlift: 10×2 @ 50 – E45S

Coach’s Notes: Box squats should be at parallel. Shin/thigh angle should be at 90+ degrees on the box. Banded deadlifts: 50% bar weight + band tension (go by feel on band tension). 

C. 5 Rounds, For Reps:
1 Minute Row x Calories
1 Minute Russian Swings @ 70/53#
1 Minute Wall-Balls @ 30/20#
1 Minute Rest

D1. 2×15: GHD Situps
D2. 2×15: Reverse Hypers


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