“Heart, my heart, so battered with misfortune far beyond your strength,
up, and face the men who hate us. Bare your chest to the assault
of the enemy, and fight them off. Stand fast among the beamlike spears.
Give no ground; and if you beat them, do not brag in open show,
nor, if they beat you, run home and lie down on your bed and cry.
Keep some measure in the joy you take in luck, and the degree you
give way to sorrow. All our life is up-and-down like this.” -Archilochus

Week 16: 15.11.16


Coach’s Note: This week is a solid deload week. The focus for our athletes will be on 1) rest, recovery, and healing, 2) 3-dimensional movement, and 3) dialing in on the little things. If you aren’t sleeping enough, eating properly or getting in enough low-intensity recovery moment, this is the week to do so. Our goal is to set everyone up to be able to get back in the gym on Monday, November 23rd ready to hit the beginning of another hard cycle/phase of our training at 100%. We will train on Monday, Wednesday and Friday only this week. Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday will all be recovery/rest days. 

A. 3 Rounds:
6/6 Dual Dumbbell Common Lunge Matrix (Ground to Shoulder)
2-Rep Box Jump Matrix
20 Half Moons

B. 3 Rounds:
50′ Seated Hand-Over-Hand Sled Pull
2-Rep Dumbbell Bench Press Matrix
5/5 Dual Dumbbell Row + Rotation

C1. 2×1/1: Forearm Rolls (Flexion and Extension)
C2. 2xMax-Effort: Nose & Toes Handstand Hold


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