Rob K.

“And high above, depicted in a tower,
Sat Conquest, robed in majesty and power,
Under a sword that swung above his head,
Sharp-edged and hanging by a subtle thread.”
― Geoffrey Chaucer, The Canterbury Tales

Week 18: 15.12.04

A1. 5×3: Clean Pull – EMOM
A2. 5×3: Split Press – EMOM

B. Team 7 Minute AMRAP (Partners)
3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18…
Toes to Bar
Deadlift 165/125#

Coach’s Notes:

One score per team = Total number of reps completed together + individual additional reps. Example: Blue team makes it through the round of 15 together. ­Female makes it through 10 reps of 18 t2b in the next set. Male makes it through 17 of 18 deadlift of the next set. Score equals rounds cleared = 90 reps + 27 additional reps.
Score entered = 117 Reps.

Additional Notes:
>1 Pull­up bar. 2 DL Bars (m/f).
>­Start on opposite movements.
>­Both Partners working at same time. Each Partner independently has to finish their portion of the ascending ladder. This means team members will be switching movements with each ascending set.
­>One partner can’t move up to the next ascending set until their partner has finished.
>Male or female can start either t2b or DL.

C. Accumulate 3 Minutes: Dual Plate Pinch Hold


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