Open Prep continued this past Saturday with an extended crew in town.

“A samurai’s life is not measured in length.” -Sir Doi, 13 Assassins 

Week 27: 16.02.01

A. Hang Snatch: EMOM x 8:
Minute 1: 2@70
Minute 2: 2@75
Minute 3: 1@80
Minute 4: 1@80
Minute 5: 1@85
Minute 6: 1@85
Minute 7: 1@90
Minute 8: 1@90

>> THEN (Minutes 8-10)<<

B. 2-Minute AMRAP: Snatch @ 75%

C. 10 Minutes to find your 1-RM Weighted Pull-Up

D. EMOM x 10:
Odd: 10 Ring Rows – Perfect Form
Even: 10 Dual DB Bench Press – AHAP

E. EMOM x 20:
Odd: 0:30 Row for Calories / 0:30 Rest
Even: 0:30 OH Walking Lunge (You Choose Weight) / 0:30 Rest

F. 4×15: Reverse Hyper


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