Orion Hones. 9th Place: South Central Region, 2016. (

I cannot express how proud I am of this young man. He set a goal. He worked. He listened. He tweaked. He spent countless hours on his own, practicing and perfecting his art. He worked some more. He has dedicated his life to something, and there is nothing more beautiful than a man or woman who has made a decision to be great, and then follows through on that decision.

Continue to lead, Orion.

You have achieved one (of many) of your goals… but there is more work to be done.

Week 35: 16.03.30

A. For Time:

15 Ring MU
15 Clean & Jerk @ 135/95#

Rest 5 Minutes

10 Ring MU
10 C&J @ 185/125#

Rest 5 Minutes

5 Ring MU
5 C&J @ 225/155#

B. 3 Rounds, Each for Time:

100′ Sled Push @ 135/95#
10 Back Squats @ 65% of 1-RM
100′ Sled Push @ 135/95#
Rest 5 Minutes


CrossFit Jääkarhu is a local community in Austin, Texas that is focused on identifying goals, coaching progress and getting results. If you are interested in learning more about our gym, visit our main website (click here). About CrossFit Jääkarhu Programs Available How to Start

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