Week 0: 16.07.26

A1. Supinated Partner Pull-up Eccentric: 4×3 – AHAP
A2. Ring Row: 4×8@3030 Tempo

Coach’s Notes: Go to A2 directly after finishing A1. A2 must be unbroken. For the partner eccentric, you will start with your chin above the bar. Your partner will pull down on your body as you resist against their pull. The rep should last about 5-7 seconds. 

B1. 3″ Deficit Deadlift: 4×3@65%
B2. GHD Hip Extension: 4×8 @3030 Tempo

Coach’s Note: Go to B2 directly after finishing B1. B2 must be unbroken. 

C. Row: 6 x 500m

Coach’s Note: Rest 2 minutes between efforts. 


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