Ingrid & Cora. 

I’m not quite sure how to start this post, or how to end it. I’ve thought so much about what to say – the right thing to say… But I don’t know if the right words will ever come to me. I guess I’ll just shoot from the hip and from the heart, as I am oft to do.

Today, Ingrid is driving back to California – to her family and to her roots. As a Texas boy, I have an affinity and a love for Texas that most Texans will understand, and most non-Texans will not. I have the pleasure of knowing many Californians, and through them I know that the only people that come close to having the same love and pride for their state as Texans, are Californians.

I’ll start with one of my favorite memories from our first year together: I met Ingrid in the Fall of 2010. I was coaching at RedBlack Gym and she was a new athlete and student to Austin, studying at UT for her post-grad. I became her coach, and sometime after, we began dating. I didn’t have a lot of athletes in my program – and none were nearly as talented as Ingrid. Although she was still recovering from her heart surgery, she was head and shoulders above the rest of the athletes I had coached up until that point. Honestly, I didn’t know what to do with her. She moved so well I had few if any coaching points for her, a fact I still think back on with a smile. We competed at the 2011 Hell’s Half Acre Regional (she as an individual and I on a team). My favorite (or at least the most indelible) memory I have from that year was the night after the 100’s workout. Her hands were shredded and burned from the heat of the bars and barbells and from the volume of the weekend. She literally had little if any skin left on her palms. We sat in the lobby of the hotel in Ft. Worth that night, and I tried as best I could to coach her through what the next day would look like. She was to take on “Amanda” (ring muscle-ups and snatches) – a hard workout for the best athletes when fresh (and without burned and ripped hands). She finished 1st. That was the moment I knew she was not a “normal” competitor, or a normal woman 🙂

In the years to follow, Ingrid and I would train side by side through the end of the 2013 season. Along the way she had several different coaches, but was always one of if not the best competitors at the gym. We shared our fill of ups and downs as athletes who live, work, train and compete together are wont to do, but we shared many amazing memories and life moments as well. We adopted Cora together, moved among several houses together, traveled together and I eventually became her coach again in the 2014 season. It was in that season that Ingrid finally got her shot to compete at the 2014 CrossFit Games. I was so happy to see her on the field at the Home Depot Center, and I was so proud to see her compete on the stage she was meant to compete on. We opened a gym together with some of our closest friends and coworkers in the Fall of 2014 and in our first year, she once again helped lead our team to the 2015 Games. She has been a meticulous business woman, and her attention to detail is unmatched by anyone I have ever known. We will certainly miss that around the Cave.

I’ll end with one of my favorite memories from our last day together: Walking Mt. Bonnell with Cora, sitting in the sun and in the shade, taking in the views of green and hilly Austin, TX and reminiscing on the good times.

There are times in life when you know you have to make a decision for yourself – when you have to leave the relative comfort and security of one place for the opportunity and promise of another place. I am proud of Ingrid for making the hard decision to leave Austin, her gym, her friends and family for the past 6 years and venturing out into the relative unknown. Back to her family; back to her home. It would be unfair of us to want to keep her here for ourselves. This is a woman who needs to venture out, grow and fly. She is a rare and special woman: strong, intelligent, courageous and beautiful. She deserves the best life has to offer.

I will miss her – we will miss her. But she will always have a special place in my heart, and she will always be family to us.

Safe travels, Ingrid. Come back soon.

Week 2: 16.08.09

A. No Feet Hang Power Snatch + OHS: 5×2 – GBF

B. Snatch 1st Pull w/ 3-Count Pause: 5×2 – GBF

C. Coach Jess Estrada Gymnastics

3 Rounds, For Quality:

20 Ring In & Outs
10 Headstand Pike to Extension
5 Ring Pass-Throughs

D1. 3×20: Reverse Hyper
D2. 3×10: Sots Press


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One comment on “16.08.09
  1. LGuelde says:

    This is so incredibly sweet and well written. You are both amazing people and have experienced so much life together. Thank you for sharing what’s on your heart for everyone else to read and feel 🙂

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