OG Squad.

Today I go in for hip surgery… It’s been a long time coming, but I’m excited to finally get fixed what needed fixing!

Back in 2012, right before the Games, I started to experience terrible pain and swelling in my right knee. It would come and go, sometimes worse and sometimes better. Through the 2012 Games, and on into the 2013 season I struggled with tightness, swelling, and some of the worst joint pain I’ve ever had. This was not normal soreness. My right calf, hamstring, quad and hip were tighter and more toned than the left, and any kind of activity would make the tightness and muscle tone worse. Stretching, yoga, icing, mobility, massage, rest – nothing even made a dent.

After Regionals 2013, I’d had enough. I could barely walk up or down stairs, couldn’t go for even a light jog with Cora, and needless to say I could not train to compete. Maybe it was a blessing in disguise. This was one of if not the main impetus for my switching gears into full-time, 100% coach-only mode. Looking back, I wouldn’t change a thing.

From August 2013 through February of 2016, I tried just about every recovery protocol, rehab modality and training methodology I could find to try and correct what I thought was wrong. Having exhausted all options and getting and MRI on my knee (the knee was 100% OK) I finally was told to get an MRI of my hip. Low and behold, I had two tears in the labrum of my right hip (anterior / posterior) and I also had a labral cyst, which was now contributing even more to a severe FAI (hip impingement).

Because of the CF season and coaching and helping run the gym, I’ve not made the time to get the procedure done. But today is the day! Now I’m only hoping I can recover as well as Jess. Maybe even beat her in an Open WOD this year 🙂

Week 8: 16.09.20

A. Power Clean + Push Jerk – 5×3 – Find 3-RM – TNG – E2M

Coach’s Notes: This is three (3) power clean + push jerk. (PCL, PJ, PCL, PJ, PCL, PJ). Touch and go. Hold on to the bar for all three reps. No resting anywhere. Find your 3-RM.

B. Push Press: 3×5 – Find 5-RM – TNG – E2.5M

C. 4 Rounds For Time:
Run 400m
50′ Forward Walking Lunge
50′ Backwards Walking Lunge
15 Pull-Ups

D. 3 Rounds, Not For Time:
20 GHD Situps
20 Hip Extensions
Rest 5 Minutes


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