Simple. Not Easy. 

Week 26: 17.01.24

A. 10 Rounds, AHAP:

3 Strict Tempo Pull-Ups @ 31X3
Rest 30 Seconds
3 Strict Tempo Ring Dips @ 31X3
Rest 30 Seconds

Coach’s Notes: Your sets of 5 must be unbroken. If that means you do them at bodyweight, then that would be “AHAP”. If you add a 50# weight, and can do it unbroken, then that would be your “AHAP”.

B. AMRAP 3: KB Snatch Right Hand
C. AMRAP 3: KB Snatch Left Hand

Coach’s Notes: You are not allowed to drop the kettlebell for the entire 6-minute piece. If you drop the kettlebell, your set is terminated. You may rest in the hang position, the rack position, or the overhead position. But the kettlebell may not be dropped.

D. 6 Rounds:
6 Front Squats @ 65%
60′ Sled Push HEAVY & FAST
10 Bar-Facing Burpees
Start A New Round Every 5 Minutes

Coach’s Notes: Each round is to be performed as FAST and as HARD as possible. Time each round, and try to maintain throughout. Begin a new round every 5 minutes. This piece should take you 30 minutes from start to finish. 


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