+glossary of terms

Hopefully this will help anyone who is not familiar with our training terminology and abbreviations. Old-timers: be gentle on the newbs.

HBBS: High Bar Back Squat.

LBBS: Low Bar Back Squat.

Clean: “Full Squat Below Parallel”. A Clean is a Clean is a Clean. All variations of the Clean will be noted.

Snatch: “Full Squat Below Parallel”. A Snatch is a Snatch is a Snatch. All variations of the Snatch will be noted.

HSPU: HandStand PushUp.

MU: Muscle Up.

HSW: HandStand Walk.

EMOM: Every Minute On The Minute.

E2M: Every 2 Minutes. You are to begin every two minutes (could be 1, 3, 4, or “X” minutes).

R2M: Rest 2 Minutes. You are to rest two minutes between sets (could be 1, 3, 4, or “X” minutes).

KBS: KettleBell Swing. “American Swing” is assumed. If Russian Swings are called for, “Russian” will be noted.

AFAP: As Fast As Possible.

AHAP: As Heavy As Possible. Please note that AHAP is always relative: to the person, to the day, to the complex, to the movement – technique will always dictate weight.

ME: Max Effort. Perform as many reps as you can within the time period noted.

MD: Max Distance.

UB: Unbroken. Reps must be unbroken: without stopping, without dropping.

ROM: Range Of Motion.

AMRAP: As Many Reps/Rounds As Possible.

RFT: Rounds For Time. You are working for the fastest time.

NFT: Not For Time. You are to complete work. Time is irrelevant.

Pronated: Palms Facing Away from the face.

Supinated: Palms Facing Towards the face.

COVP: Chin Over Vertical Plane.

WTD: Weighted.

Cluster: Clean –> Thruster.


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