Hyvää Pyhäinpäivää! Week 13 Training: 14.10.31 A. 5 Rounds – E2M 1 Snatch Deadlift w/3-Count Pause at Knee 1 Snatch 1 Snatch Balance 1 OHS B. Each Round For Time: Minutes 0-5: 20 Back Squats @ Bodyweight Row 200m Minutes

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FTW. be #audacious. Remaining sizes for the original CrossFit Jääkarhu shirts are now available in our online store. If you do not see your size, don’t worry… a pre-oder for the next run of shirts will be available soon. shop.karhustrength.com Week 13

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Perspective. Today I want to congratulate one of our younger athletes, Mr. Jake “The Tank” Whitefield. This past weekend at the IronCat Open weightlifting meet in San Marcos, Jake earned a spot at Junior Nationals. He went 5/6, snatching a

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Deep in the Heart of Texas Week 13 Training: 14.10.27 A. EMOM x 5: 2 Front Squats, 3 Back Squats *Treat this like you would a Bear Complex: Power Clean, then front squat x 2, then move the bar to your

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CrossFit Jääkarhu-First Event

Creatio Ex Nihilo CrossFit Jääkarhu is pleased to announce that we will be hosting our first event at the end of the third week of November. If you’re looking for a way to get out, express your fitness, meet some new people

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#A2B Hopefully by now you’ve seen the final version of our first ever t-shirt. This shirt would not have been possible without the “K & Bear” logo. All praise and thanks for that rests with Mr. Elliot Schrock. As soon

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The One.   (Photo by Caleb Kerr) Sometimes drought. Sometimes flood. Today was definitely a flood. Good things, all, but a flood nonetheless. When you find yourself in a time of drought, use the downtime to plan, to rest and

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The CrossFit Games
2014 Reebok CrossFit GamesJuly 25th, 2014

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