Bravo.  Well, here it is: the end of our Smolov Jr. cycle. Today you will squat your 400th “official rep” over the last 4 weeks. Make it a good one. Earn your plates. Week 04 Training: 14.08.30 A. Establish your

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I couldn’t not. Week 04 Training: 14.08.29 A. 4 RNFT: 1 Min ME Common Lunge Matrix @ 35/25 1 Min ME Depth Pushups 1 Min ME Strict Pullups Notes: Use this a warm-up piece. For the Common Lunge Matrix, alternate

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Game. Brawlers. The Brawlers looked dominant once again as they beat the Philadelphia Founders 22-11.  Congrats DC! Week 04 Training: 14.08.27 A. Squat: 3×5@55 B1. 3×10: Barbell Curl B2. 3×10: BTN Tricep Extension C. Walk 1 Mile @ 30#/20# Weight

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Russ Laing.  #datpozish Week 04 Training: 14.08.26 A. 3 Rounds, Not For Time (use as part of your warmup) 1 x Kettlebell RDL Matrix 7 x Strict Toes to Bar 7 x Shoulder Extension Complex B. Every 2 Minutes for

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#VikingAssassin I want to congratulate Ingrid on her first Grid League start and on her and her team’s victory on Saturday night! The DC Brawler’s proved why they were a pre-season favorite and why their women are ranked #1 in

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Dru Sellers. Week 03 Training: 14.08.23 A. Squat: 10×3@85 + 20-30 B. 20-30 minutes: Skill work of your choice

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Kelly Childers. By the end of this week, you will have squatted 399 reps. That’s 399 “working reps”, in other words, your warmup sets do not count towards said 399. We will count your final 1-RM next week as number

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The CrossFit Games
2014 Reebok CrossFit GamesJuly 25th, 2014

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